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Anti Money Laundering Policy

Money Laundering is channeling wealth created or made through illegal and dubious means into legitimate investments to cover up the actual illegal means by which the wealth was made.
This happens because crime proceeds are difficult to spend or use without attracting the attention of law enforcement agencies, this is why Anti=Money Laundering measures and systems by both national and international organizations are in place to regulate and stop all illegal practice.

Complying to AML Standards; customers are solely responsible to provide valid and accurate information when orders are submitted and during account registration. This information is not disclosed to third party, except in rare situations where Law Enforcements agencies demands it which we must comply with. can't know the legality of funds offered by the user for exchange as we have no resource in keeping track of where an asset/wealth is coming from. reserves the right to withhold any transaction if suspicions of such transaction to be fraudulent, proceeds of crime or money laundering arise and demands can be made for further information from the customer or a report can be lodged to concerned Law enforcement agencies. reserves the right to deny her service to any client without disclosing the reason.

All withdrawals and payments must go through the banking system and no third party payment is allowed. If any third party payment is made, reserves the right to without that funds until customer verifies ownership of the account. Hand to cash deals are not accepted.

If user fails to comply with verification requirements, reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order. services are not provided for the underlisted schemes:

Multi-Level Marketing
Matrix Programs, Get Rich Quick Schemes and High Yield Investment Programs.
Pyramid Schemes
Ponzi Schemes
Vending Illegal Items which facilitate Illegal activities
Vending counterfeit programs and products

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